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Performances Song History
Shaker Hill was performed the following 8 times:
Show Date Artist Venue Notes
1999-05-12Jazz Mandolin Project Graffiti Showcase, Pittsburgh, PA
2000-02-03Jazz Mandolin Project The Odeon, Cleveland, OH
2000-02-04Jazz Mandolin Project Newport Music Hall, Columbus, OH
2000-02-06Jazz Mandolin Project Liberty Hall, Lawrence, KS
2000-02-10Jazz Mandolin Project The Great Hall, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI
2000-02-12Jazz Mandolin Project House of Blues, Chicago, IL
2000-02-16Jazz Mandolin Project 7th House, Pontiac, MI
2000-02-19Jazz Mandolin Project Smith Opera House, Geneva, NY

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Yellow rows indicate recommended versions.

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