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Shake Your Hips

Music/Lyrics: James Moore a.k.a. Slim Harpo

Vocals: Mike

Original Artist: Slim Harpo

Original Album: Baby, Scratch My Back (1966)

Debut: 2009-10-31

Historian: Elayne Best

"Shake Your Hips" (also known as "Hip Shake") was written and first performed in 1966 by American bluesman Slim Harpo. Slim Harpo was an early influence on The Rolling Stones as well as many other musicians in rock, jazz and blues. “Shake Your Hips” distinctive guitar work was also quoted in ZZ Top's hit "La Grange".

The Stones first recorded this track at Keith Richards' villa in the South of France, (Nellcôte) where the band was staying on their "exile." It was reworked at Sunset Sound Recorders in Los Angeles where numerous overdubs were added during sessions that meandered from December 1971 until May 1972. The intent of the recording was to mimic the sound of a 1950’s record.

Mike Gordon delivered an inspirational vocal performance at Festival 8, providing the bluesy soul and high pitched range “Shake Your Hips” demands. As with many of the songs from Exile, this song would not have reached it’s full potential without the exuberant contributions from Dave Guy on trumpet, David Smith on trombone, and Tony Jarvis on sax. As Phish continued the musical costume of Exile On Main St, the audience took the directive and continued to do the “hip shake”.

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