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Sexual Healing

Music: Gaye/Brown/Ritz

Lyrics: Gaye/Brown/Ritz

Vocals: Fish (lead), Mike, Page, Trey (backing)

Original Artist: Marvin Gaye

Original Album: Midnight Love (1982)

Albums: Ventura

Debut: 1998-07-20

Historian: Mark Toscano, Elayne Best

Returning to the stage for their encore on 7/20/98, Trey took drums and Fish took center stage for the first ‘Henrietta’ appearance in awhile. Reading from lyrics scrawled on an ad poster for the show, Fishman proceeded to sing this awe-inspiring Marvin Gaye tune. Amidst numerous laughs, cheers, hoots, and hollers, Fishman concluded the song with a few lewd dances that doubled and trebled the reaction of the crowd. The song has made three other appearances to date, including 8/8/98 (notable for two debut covers, “Sweet Jane” and “Sabotage”), and 8/16/98 Lemonwheel (in favor of Fish’s first hunch to go with “a song about a turtle”). The song’s final appearance came on 11/14/98 and it has since remained dormant, the unfortunate victim of coitus interruptus.

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Recommended Versions: 1998-07-20, 1998-08-08, 1998-08-16

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