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Saw It Again

Music/Lyrics: Anastasio, Marshall

Vocals: Trey

Original Artist: New York!

Albums: Live in Vegas, Live In Utica

Debut: 1997-06-14

Historian: Mockingbird Staff

“Saw It Again" is a harsh, strident-sounding punk rock or Black Sabbath-esque tune that has been described as a “soundtrack to a B horror film.” Fans generally either really like it or detest it, just like people generally either really like or detest punk rock or Black Sabbath. "Saw It Again“ was seen first on 5/21/97 at Club Toast in Burlington during the “New York!” project that featured Mike and Trey.

The band may be ambivalent about it as well. It was not played at all in 1998 after seven performances in 1997, and made it into the rotation only three times each in 1999, 2000, and 2003. Even fans who detest “Saw It Again” grudgingly admit that the jammed out 12/12/97 Albany version is worth hearing.

For a while, fans wondered if they would ever "see it again." Phish answered that question resoundingly on 6/27/10 at Merriweather, when they essentially built a set – that many regarded as the best of that tour – around the song. The next appearance was equally noteworthy, playing a central part in the “Guyutica” madness on 10/20/10, immortalized on the Live in Utica DVD.

"Saw It Again" -> “Antelope” – 10/20/10, Guyutica, NY

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dogogbyn Reply
dogogbyn I'm in the camp of people who love this song, though I can fathom why many (or, hopefully, just some) don't like it. For those who do dig it, check out the7/1/97 version in Amsterdam--it's pure metal-evil. "You're on the back of the worm!"
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jonbarleycorn Reply
Maybe PHISH detests it...I dunno?
Score: 0
jonbarleycorn Reply
Such an underrated phish song!
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Phriendly_Phil Reply
Be played when I see them in New York!!
Score: 0
amynutt Reply
amynutt how could you ever detest this song?? definitely in my top 5!
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