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Rotation Jam

Music: Phish

Vocals: Instrumental

Debut: 1995-11-25

Historian: Mockingbird Staff

During a version of “Mike’s Song” on 11/25/95, Trey put down his guitar and walked over to replace Fish of the drums. This was a common enough (though still welcome) occurrence in the mid-‘90s, and usually served as the start of the Henrietta portion of the show. Only on this night at Hampton (where else?) Fish walked over to Mike and took his bass. And thus the “Rotation Jam” was born. Each of the band members played each of the four instruments until everyone found their way back to their original instruments and they completed “Mike’s Song.” The band had so much fun with it, they repeated the shenanigans again on 12/15/95. While only two other “Rotation Jams” have been played since (12/29/96 and 8/10/97), the band seemed to enjoy playing out of their element and actually wrote two songs (“Walfredo” and “Rock A William”) where some or all of the band members switch instruments.

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