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Rocketsled's Funky Main Man Meets Big Joe on Church Street

Music: Phish

Lyrics: Rocketsled

Original Album: Burlington does Burlington (1996)

Historian: Ellis Godard

This 1996 two-disc compilation of Burlington bands playing each other’s songs features an unusual contribution from Phish. Barely two minutes long, it features Burlington street musician Richard “The Clarinet Man” Haupt, who spends the first 30 seconds or so introducing himself before adding several minimalist “riffs” reminiscent of Ferris “never had one lesson” Bueller. The remainder features Rocketsled’s “YEM”-like lyrics variously whispered or shouted from afar by members of Phish: “Fight tear rip rend / Fight claw twist bend.” Throughout, bass, drums, and bits of piano add a backing sound one might expect from a Snoopy segment in a Peanuts special.

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