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Performances Song History


Music/Lyrics: Phish

Vocals: All

Debut: 1985-04-06

Historian: Mark Toscano

The inbred half-brother of “Anarchy” this tune is just as socially dysfunctional as its noisy sibling. Why? Because it’s the exact same song – Fishman’s balls-to-the-walls drumming propelling the machine gun fire of Trey’s chords into the audience, surely leaving some casualties. However, instead of screaming “Anarchy!” over and over, the band screams – you guessed it – “Revolution!” This was only known to have been played twice, on 4/6/85 and 10/17/85, in both instances preceding a rendition of the band’s more familiar “Anarchy.” Not even a joke song of its own, but rather a joke on a joke-song, the real revolution may have happened if Phish had subjected their regular audience to this on a regular basis. Who needs revolution when there’s already widespread anarchy?

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