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Revolution 1

Music/Lyrics: Lennon/McCartney

Vocals: Trey (lead), Mike, Page (backing)

Original Artist: The Beatles

Original Album: The Beatles (a.k.a. The White Album) (1968)

Albums: Live Phish 13

Debut: 1994-10-31

Historian: Mark Toscano

One of The Beatles’ most disseminated songs (thanks in part to Michael Jackson and some high-profile TV commercials), there are actually three versions of the original track: the slower “shoo-be-doo” album version, the faster, “shoo-be-doo”-less single version, and a fast, “shoo-be-doo”-having version that turns up from time to time.

Well, Phish’s version on 10/31/94 seemed to be fourth one, as they play it faster than the album version, not as fast as the single version, yet including the aforementioned “shoo-be-doos.” 

Phish, "Revolution 1" – 10/31/94, Glens Falls, NY

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