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Music/Lyrics: Dickey Betts

Vocals: Jeff Holdsworth (lead)

Original Artist: The Allman Brothers Band

Original Album: Idlewild South (1970)

Debut: 1985-10-30

Historian: Erik Swain

Allman Borthers Band guitarist Dickey Betts wrote “Revival” as a way to acknowledge and synergize the band’s musical and cultural past and present. The lyrics (“People can you feel it...”) and gospel-ish arrangement evoke both Southern spirituals and free-loving hippies. But most likely Phish played the song merely to showcase the twin-guitar attack of its first lineup. When second guitarist Jeff Holdsworth (who sings lead on Phish’s version) departed the band, this song went with him. The only known performances occurred on 9/27/85 and 10/30/85.

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