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Prep School Hippie

Also Known As: Trust Fund Baby

Music/Lyrics: Anastasio

Vocals: Trey

Debut: 1985-09-27

Historian: Emilie Kennedy

Basically a one-joke song, “Prep-School Hippie” has only made it to the stage five times. It has been speculated that the band retired this song for fear that they might insult some of their fans, but a more likely guess is that the joke had simply worn thin.

The song’s lyrics describe a person’s internal debate on whether to be a “Prep School Hippie” or a “Hip School Preppie.” The narrator is trying to decide if he should “spend my adolescent days wearing tie-dies or Vuarnets.” The song was seemingly meant to make fun both of many of the fans that follow the Grateful Dead as well as their preppie opposites. Appropriately enough, Phish, with their vaguely preppie/hippie backgrounds, seems to represent both states of being. At the end of the song Trey screams, “I can’t wait until I’m 21, dip into my trust fund!” Performed on 9/26/85 on Burlington’s WRUV Exposure program, the song was in fact introduced as “Trust Fund Baby”

If you’re interested in hearing this song, dig up 9/27/85, 10/30/85, 2/3/86, 4/15/86, or 12/6/86. It is unlikely that we will see this one in Phish’s repertoire in the future, lest it incite lot skirmishes between “trustafarians” and the “kidz.” Then again…

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Looking_For_Owls Reply
Looking_For_Owls It's really too bad that this isn't played anymore. I don't care about the silly lyrics, but I've always really loved the music to this song.
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kipmat Reply
kipmat Although I am not a fan of the Grateful Dead, I know that many Phish fans are, both young and old. Back in 1985-86, the band's entire audience probably knew and loved the Dead. Given the band's proclivity for writing and performing "joke" songs at the time (e.g. "Icculus" ;) , it makes sense that the band would write a song poking fun at their musical progenitors, as well as themselves and their own audience. For the 4/15/86 performance, the band follows up the "I can't wait until I'm 21" line by putting it to the music of the old GD stage favorite, Buddy Holly's "Not Fade Away". You can hear a distinct chuckle in Trey's delivery - he is clearly getting off on the joke and the audience's reaction. :)

I am also old enough to remember Vuarnet's -
- but wasn't cool enough to wear them.
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Piper72 Reply
Piper72 It sounds like part of this song (the basic chord structure anyway) made it into part of 'Guyute'.
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