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Pig in a Pen

Music/Lyrics: Traditional

Vocals: "Reverend" Jeff Mosier

Original Artist: The Stanley Brothers

Albums: At the Roxy

Debut: 1993-02-21

Historian: Jeremy Welsh

A traditional bluegrass tune, “Pig in a Pen” has been performed three times by Phish. It debuted on 2/21/93 as the final song of a four song encore that featured “Reverend” Jeff Mosier on banjo. (This pickin’ encore actually includes a bluegrass version of “Good Times Bad Times.”) The next appearance of “Pig in a Pen” came on 11/16/94, again featuring Jeff Mosier on banjo and vocals; Mosier would join Phish for four more shows that fall. This version includes nice solos by Mike and Fish, who was introduced as “the world’s premier bluegrass drummer.” Three nights later, after its show in Bloomington, Indiana, Phish performed this song in their "parking lot set," an acoustic bluegrass set that featured the Reverend on banjo, Eric Merrill on fiddle and guitar, and “Jeremy” on banjo and jaw harp.

Old & In The Way, "Pig in a Pen"

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