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On Your Way Down

Music/Lyrics: Allen Toussaint

Vocals: Page

Original Artist: Allen Toussaint

Original Album: Life, Love, and Faith (1972)

Albums: Alpine Valley

Debut: 1988-06-24

Historian: Ellis Godard (lemuria)

Last Update: 2011-07-07

As is the case for several other songs, "On Your Way Down" is an Allen Toussaint original better known by the versions he later recorded with Little Feat. Indeed, Phish had already played three songs recorded by Little Feat, once for each stage in the career of this very ‘70s blues-adelic band, well before their 10/31/10 musical costume – and Phish fans (like most listeners) typically attribute it as a Little Feat song.

“On Your Way Down” may be the most conventional score of the three – not that any of them is a fugue – and it has an odd history. It first appeared in 1972 on Allen Toussaint's Life, Love, and Faith, which garnered little if any attention. Toussaint recorded it again the following year with Little Feat for their third album, Dixie Chicken, which gained critical and fan acclaim years later, but bombed upon its 1973 release. When the previous album (Sailin’ Shoes) sold poorly, bassist Roy Estrada (formerly with The Mothers of Invention) had split to join Captain Beefheart. And when Dixie Chicken floundered, the whole band split. Despite all the ingredients for success, the band was on its way down. They’d be on their way up again within two years, releasing progressively stronger LPs (Feats Don’t Fail Me NowThe Last Record Album, and Time Loves a Hero), but down again in 1979 when, after the disappointing Waiting for Columbus, founder Lowell George left the band and then passed away.

Except for George and drummer Richie Hayward, the band today comprised of the same people who met up in 1972. They picked up again in 1987 and began releasing albums again in 1988, the same year Phish began covering their classics, including perhaps a dozen versions of “On Your Way Down,” typically in the first set. It fit well with Phish’s newly expanding tour schedule: classic tune, with a likable boogie beat but enough blues for Trey to wail, with lyrics that mix hope and humility. But that mix must not have fit well with their developing air of aggressive unpredictability, and the song was dropped from rotation.

The song resurfaced on 9/16/99, after just over ten years (and over 1,000 shows), was played twice more on that fall tour (9/25/99 and 10/2/99), and then appeared 108 shows later (7/30/03, in a thematic set that also included “Lonesome Cowboy Bill,” the debut of “You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere,” and “Taste” with the repeated lyric “I’m down.”) Earlier versions had a raw energy that comes from being on your way up, living in a moving truck and sleeping on YMCA floors. Of earlier versions in circulation, 9/8/88 is probably the strongest, in recording quality as well as performance.

"On Your Way Down" – Phish, 11/27/09, Albany, NY

By the time of the hiatus, it didn't look like Phish would be on their way down to that rawness again anytime soon. The song’s rareness thus seemed justified. Appearing only once after the hiatus (7/30/03) it has crept back into once-or-twice-a-year rotation. From recent performances try 11/27/09 Albany, 8/15/10 Alpine Valley (three days after the death of Richie Hayward, the drummer and founding member of Little Feat) or 6/11/11 Merriweather.

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agree499 Reply
"the disappointing Waiting for Columbus"? What are you talking about? This is widely acknowledged as one of the great live albums of rock history and it's got to be the bands best selling record. I don't know who you think was disappointed but it sure wasn't me.
Score: 4
Just_Ivy Reply
Just_Ivy Heya!

So I've always been curious about this song too. In particular, I haven't been able to find anything on whether Toussaint "recorded it with Little Feat". I think that in general folks would consider this a Little Feat song. But was it written for them specifically by Toussaint? I doubt it. I don't think Working In a Coalmine wasn't written specifically for Lee Dorsey but I believe that in that case Toussaint's production company may have been involved. Anyways...I think that treating it as a Little Feat song primarily is justified. Toussaint wrote the song. Little Feat brought it to the world. Just my $0.02.

And one other thing: A quick question. The history mentions 3 Little Feat songs including this one in the Phish rotation prior to the Waiting for Columbus costume. One must be Skin It Back. The other alluded to must be Time Loves a Hero. I guess my question is: Really!?! Only 3 Little Feat songs prior to 10/31/10?

Score: 2
makisupaman Reply
makisupaman Happy to have heard this by both Little Feat and Phish, the latter at what became the Alpine DVD.

Score: 0
Mackadow Reply
I think if you are truly discussing the history of the song "On Your Way Down", then you should be discussing Allen Toussaint. I'd say the original artist would be the author no? I absolutely adore Little Feat, but this song is simply a cover they did.
Score: 0
TheEmu Staff Reply
TheEmu @agree499 said:
"the disappointing Waiting for Columbus"? What are you talking about? This is widely acknowledged as one of the great live albums of rock history and it's got to be the bands best selling record. I don't know who you think was disappointed but it sure wasn't me.
I love this tune...though I'm not sure I understand the boogie beat...but if you haven't found this song yet, well, it's high time you found.
Score: 0
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