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On My Knees

Music: Seals

Lyrics: Seals

Vocals: Son Seals

Original Artist: Son Seals

Original Album: Midnight Sun (1976)

Debut: 1999-07-17

Historian: Mark Toscano

Son Seals was an early blues influence on the impressionable young Phish when they began to cover his “Funky Bitch” in the ‘80s. Had you told the band members that they’d be sharing the stage with Son Seals only a decade later, they would have proclaimed you daft. However, daffiness seems to rule the career of this band, and Seals joined them at Volney on 7/17/99 for renditions of two of his classics, the aforementioned “Bitch” and “On My Knees.” “On My Knees,” though well received by the crowd, did not subsequently enter the band’s sans-Seals repertoire, though “Funky Bitch” stayed on to shake her ass from time to time.

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