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Nowhere Fast

Vocals: Sofi Dillof; unidentified male vocalist

Debut: 1989-05-09

Historian: Erik Swain

Like it's mysterious brother “I’ve Turned Bad,” “Nowhere Fast” is one of the few unidentified songs in the Phish pantheon, although surely some folks out there know the tune. Basically a hard-core punk effort with insult-lyrics shouted in a steady stream by Sofi Dillof and an unknown friend, the tune was only performed once, at The Front on 5/9/89. This was also the Junta release party, so it’s not surprising that a little bit of craziness would appear in the setlist. Though there is a Meatloaf song of the same name, this one is definitely something else, and if you have some clues as to its identity, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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