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No Good Trying

Music: Barrett

Lyrics: Barrett

Vocals: Fish

Original Artist: Syd Barrett

Original Album: The Madcap Laughs (1970)

Debut: 1990-12-07

Historian: Mark Toscano

The members of Phish love Syd Barrett, and Fishman probably loves him the most. There have been, at any given time, no less than five Barrett songs in rotation, making him one of the most covered artist in their repertoire, and the most covered artist in Fishman’s repertoire. Fishman first covered this one on 12/7/90, and it showed up again in the setlist the very next day. For whatever reason it apparently wasn’t meant to be, for after only one more performance (12/28/90 with John Popper on harmonica), it was dropped from the Fishman pantheon.

Syd Barrett "No Good Trying"

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Recommended Versions: 1990-12-07, 1990-12-08, 1990-12-28

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