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Night Moves

Vocals: Fish, Trey

Original Artist: Bob Seger

Original Album: Night Moves (1976)

Debut: 1995-10-02

Historian: Jeremy Welsh

When one thinks of blue-collar rocker Bob Seger, pick-up truck anthems probably come to mind (“Like a Rock”). One rarely associates his music with chess. But on the night of 10/2/95, Bob Seger and the game of chess would forever be entwined. Two nights before, Phish introduced its Band vs. The Audience chess match, with Page and a fan making their opening moves to the tune of “White Rabbit.” On the evening of 10/2, in the middle of the first set, Phish began to play Seger’s song “Night Moves” as Trey once again introduced the Chess Game. As Page made the move for the band, Trey and Fishman added vocals (I am speculating that they sang “Knight moves” in response to Page’s move). The song ended with Trey proclaiming to the audience: “We will crush you.”

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