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My Long Journey Home

Music: Traditional

Lyrics: Traditional

Vocals: Trey, Fish and Page

Original Artist: Bill Monroe

Albums: Live Phish 20

Debut: 1994-11-16

Historian: Christian McKee

Phish has incorporated music with bluegrass influences nearly since their beginning, debuting “My Sweet One” in 1989. But it was not until they had been together for some time that they finally broke down and performed some of the bluegrass canon. “Long Journey Home” (or “Two-Dollar Bill”) is one of those classics. Phish played this one in their parking lot jam (11/19/94) and at each of the shows featuring the Reverend Jeff Mosier on banjo (11/16/94 – 11/20/94.) When Reverend Jeff left the tour, “Long Journey Home” made a few more appearances, check out 11/30/94 for an example. After that, the tune surfaced occasionally, sometimes acoustic, sometimes electric. To date, the last version played (11/29/95) was a musical standout, as Béla Fleck sat in on banjo.

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Recommended Versions: 1994-11-30, 1994-12-29, 1995-11-29

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