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Minute by Minute

Music/Lyrics: Michael McDonald/Lester Abrams

Vocals: Fish (lead), Mike, Page, Trey (backing)

Original Artist: Doobie Brothers

Original Album: Minute By Minute (1978)

Debut: 1990-09-13

Historian: Erik Swain

This slice of slick late-70s pop from The Doobie Brothers made its debut on 9/13/90. It was one of eleven debuts during the fall 1990 tour’s legendary first show at New York’s Wetlands Preserve. Fishman’s attempts to copy Michael McDonald’s husky baritone are amusing (to put it charitably), as are the others’ attempts at the falsetto harmonies. The song appeared only twice more (9/15/90 and 10/3/90) before disappearing. Some fans would say that is a good thing, even though the performance was intended as a joke, like many other Fishman routines.

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