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Midnight Rider

Music: K. Payne

Lyrics: Gregg Allman

Original Artist: The Allman Brothers Band

Original Album: Idlewild South (1970)

Debut: 1994-06-22

Historian: Martin Acaster

“Midnight Rider” was one of several Allman Brothers instant classics that appeared on their 1970 release Idlewild South. Considering all the jams this lone traveler has gotten into and out of since, this album version, clocking in at exactly three minutes, really pales in comparison. One of the strangest places the “Midnight Rider” has ever been caught sharing an old bed was while having his ween hooked up to a machine during a frenzied jam between “Mike's Song” and “Simple” at the 6/22/94 Columbus, OH Phish show. Although this magic moment is identified quite simply as “Catapult” on Live Phish 10, it is actually sung to the tune of “Midnight Rider.” 

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