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Middle of the Road

Music: Kottke

Lyrics: Kottke

Vocals: Mike (Lead)

Original Artist: Mike Gordon and Leo Kottke

Original Album: Clone (2002)

Albums: Leo Kottke / Mike Gordon - Clone

Debut: 2009-08-08

Historian: Elayne Best

There are infinite reasons to be elated about the reunion of Phish. One of these reasons is being able to see some of the solo project material adapted by the band. It took seven years for "Middle of the Road" to find itself into Phish's rotation, and it holds promise to be a great new addition. With Mike leading the vocals, and Page tickling the ivories, the twangy "Middle of the Road" has a renewed energy and the harmonious chorus is ridiculously catchy. Two versions have been performed thus far by Phish, the debut on 8/8/09, and a more polished follow up at the Hartford show on 8/14/09. "Middle of the Road" was also a staple on Mike and Leo Kottke's 2002 tour in support of Clone, and representative versions can be found from their performances on 11/5/02, 11/10/02 and 11/15/02. 

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