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Messin' with The Kid

Music/Lyrics: Mel London

Vocals: Sugar Blue

Debut: 1997-08-08

Historian: Mark Toscano

Last Update: 2011-11-25

"Messin' With the Kid” is a quintessential blues number penned by Mel London in the late ‘50s, and originally showing up on a  Junior Wells single in 1960. Phish has performed this tune with Chicago bluesman Sugar Blue twice, as an encore on 8/8/97 and 10/3/99, the latter performance also featuring Son Seals on guitar. Sugar lent his harmonica and vocals to both performances of the song, a standard that has been covered by everyone from the Blues Brothers to Johnny Winter to the World Saxophone Quartet.

"Messin' With the Kid" 8/8/97 Tinley Park, IL

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Recommended Versions: 1997-08-08, 1999-10-03

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