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Music: Egbert Van Alstyne

Lyrics: Gus Kahn

Vocals: Phish

Original Artist: Van Alstyne and Kahn

Original Album: Single (c. 1915)

Debut: 1990-11-17

Historian: Ellis Godard

"Memories" was not performed for nearly a year after its debut (from 11/17/90 to 9/26/91), but then became something of a staple, played 38 times in 24 months (though only twice since). 

Most versions have opened a first set, closed a second set, or been part of an encore. Appearances during sets (such as between “Lizards” and “I Walk the Line” on 11/20/92, or “Divided Sky”and “Squirming Coil” on 8/9/93) were nice pauses for the band, but disrupted the flow of sets.

The song has almost always been performed without amplification; the band’s dedication to that format has kept the song out of rotation for over a decade (since 7/6/94), as they are unable to project to a crowd of tens of thousands.

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