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Melt the Guns

Music: Andy Partridge

Lyrics: Andy Partridge

Vocals: Trey (lead)

Original Artist: XTC

Original Album: English Settlement (1982)

Debut: 1985-09-27

Historian: Mark Toscano

Many fans are surprised when they hear for the first time that Phish used to cover an XTC song. Although it may seem odd at first, a quick listen of the 6+ minute original on XTC’s brilliant English Settlement album will possibly clear up matters. The song is rather bizarre, featuring a complex, textured composition, witty and satirically pointed lyrics, and an open-ended invitation to jam. Phish certainly accepted that invitation on 4/29/87, which features the most notorious version of this song, which segues into a manic, extended “Dave’s Energy Guide.” Get this show – it’s some of the best early Phish around. Ironically, this would be the final known appearance of the song in the Phish setlist.

XTC "Melt the Guns"

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Recommended Versions: 1986-10-31, 1987-04-29

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