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Maiden Voyage

Music: Herbie Hancock

Vocals: Instrumental

Original Artist: Herbie Hancock

Original Album: Maiden Voyage (1965)

Albums: Colorado '88

Debut: 1988-07-30

Historian: Mark Toscano

This hoary Herbie Hancock tune is the title track from the keyboardist’s well-received Maiden Voyage album. Though Hancock’s arguably more important musical contributions were to come later with albums like Headhunters and Fat Albert Rotunda, Maiden Voyage remains an accessible and toothsome treat for jazz diehards and newcomers alike.

The title track, a laid back opener to a rather peaceful album, served as a cover opportunity for Phish at their legendary 7/30/88 “Jazz Odyssey” show in Telluride. Fishman, late for the gig, didn’t show up for the first two sets, forcing the remaining three band members to adopt a new setup (Trey on drums) and a new repertoire (jazz standards and reconfigured originals). “Maiden Voyage,” presumably led by Page, set the stage for the set-closing “Corrina,” right before Fishman finally showed his face. For many years, tapes of this show that circulated did not include this song, an unfortunate omission that was remedied with the song's inclusion in the Colorado '88 release.

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