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Low Rider

Vocals: Trey

Original Artist: War

Original Album: Why Can't We Be Friends? (1975)

Albums: Hampton/Winston-Salem '97

Debut: 1985-09-27

Historian: Phillip Zerbo (pzerbo)

While Phish has never offered a full-on, complete performance of this mid-70s classic, substantial segments have been offered on several occasions, each time flowing out of an extended jam: 7/10/94 out of “Mike’s Song”; 11/23/97 out of “Down with Disease”; the bridge between “Ghost” and “Makisupa” on 2/26/03; and punctuating the 7/15/03 "Mr. Completely" madness. In the Ian’s Farm (8/21/87) “debut,” Trey hysterically sings “La Bamba” to the “Low Rider” melody in a falsetto voice. Teases of the song are not uncommon, including on 10/31/87 before “Whipping Post”; 2/23/90 during “Suzy”; 11/14/95 in “YEM”; and 12/31/02 in “Piper.”

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