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Loup Garou

Music/Lyrics: Bruce “Sunpie” Barnes

Vocals: Bruce “Sunpie” Barnes

Original Artist: Bruce Sunpie Barnes and the Louisiana Sunspots

Original Album: Loup Garou (1998)

Debut: 1993-03-02

Historian: Ellis Godard, Mark Toscano

Last Update: 2011-10-03

For over seven years following Phish’s New Orleans performance of this tune, the song was misunderstood and misreported as “Luke-a-Roo.” And that was the case even though that performance was with the songwriter, harp player Bruce "Sunpie" Barnes. Given Phish’s success in turning its fans on to new music, we all should have been more aware of Barnes’ debut album which showcases his accordion skills and encapsulates his band’s rockin’ Cajun energy. The unusual title derives from the story of the “loup garou,” a Cajun expression for the legendary werewolf that roams the swamps of southern Louisiana.

Barnes has also been known to associate with Lazy Lester, another Louisiana artist that Trey cryptically references before the 5/26/89Bowie.”

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