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Light Up Or Leave Me Alone Lyrics


Universal/Island Music Limited (ASCAP)

Sometimes I feel
like I'm fading away
You're looking at me
I've got nothing to say
Don't make me angry
with the games that you play
Just light up, or leave me alone

You walk in my room
you lie in my bed
You open your mouth
shoot someone dead
All of a sudden
you're inside my head
Just light up, or leave me alone

Spending my bread
like it grew on a tree
You're trying to tell me
'bout the birds and the bees
The skirt that you're wearing
is way past your knees
Just light up or leave me alone

You're up all night
preaching your mind
Come home in the morning
with your latest find
I'm gonna have to lay it
to you straight on the line
Just light up, or leave me alone

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