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Is It In My Head?

Music/Lyrics: Pete Townshend

Vocals: Page (lead), Trey (backing)

Original Artist: The Who

Original Album: Quadrophenia (1973)

Albums: Live Phish 14

Debut: 1995-10-31

Historian: Craig DeLucia

One of Quadrophenia's four major musical themes is revisited in this introspective song, as the narrator Jimmy wonders “Is it me, for a moment?” Page’s heartfelt vocals and piano proficiency and Trey’s harmonies pound home the question plaguing Jimmy: are his actions being guided by his mind or his soul?

On their Halloween '95 recordings, astute fans will hear background music piped through the P.A. system between “Helpless Dancer” and this song. On the original album, The Who used a piece of their early single “The Kids Are Alright” between the two songs. For the purpose of the Halloween show, Phish recorded their own version of “The Kids Are Alright” and played a snippet back through the loudspeaker that night at the appropriate moment. 

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