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Music: Anastasio

Vocals: Ernie Anastasio (laugh)

Albums: The White Tape

Historian: Mark Toscano

This bastard track from Phish’s White Tape is an angry, running-in-circles synth loop augmented by another loop of Trey’s dad, Ernie, laughing amid some unidentifiable slapping noises. The track continues in this manner for over a minute before breaking down and out of the loop, which is sampled from a recording of what may be an Anastasio family gathering, as Trey’s voice is clearly apparent toward the end of the track.

The song as a whole is clearly a tightly constructed and densely defined parable of our urgent internal need as sentient beings to subvert the mores of society and throw off the constricting shackles of repetition and monotonous non-adventure that bog us down in our daily lives. 

 Or it may just be a bunch of crap noise.

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