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I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)

Music/Lyrics: Craig and Charlie Reed

Vocals: Tom Marshall (lead), Trey (backing)

Original Artist: The Proclaimers

Original Album: Sunshine On Leith (1988)

Debut: 1997-12-30

Historian: Mark Toscano

This song was covered under some of the strangest circumstances of any cover tune. On 12/30/97, following an intricate “Harpua” story involving olive loaffried eggsSlim JimsLost in Space, and udder balls, Trey explained that as a child he saw a vision of Tom Marshall come to him thanks to some bizarre ritual involving the aforementioned objects. In Trey’s childhood vision, Tom appeared and began to sing this once overplayed Proclaimers tune. At this point during the show, the real Tom Marshall stepped out on stage and the five of them did in fact play the song, with much of Madison Square Garden singing along.  Of course, it wouldn't be Phish if they didn't add their own take on the song, in this case changing the refrain to reference Hannibal Lecter.

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