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If I Don't Be There By Morning

Music/Lyrics: Dylan/Springs

Vocals: Trey

Original Artist: Eric Clapton

Original Album: Backless (1978)

Debut: 1989-05-09

Historian: Erik Swain

Last Update: 2012-10-07



“If I Don't Be There By Morning” is a rarity in several ways. It is one of the few Bob Dylan compositions that the master has never recorded or performed live. And there is only one known Phish performance, at the release party for Junta on 5/9/89 at The Front. This mid-tempo rocker, which Dylan co-wrote with Helena Springs, came into the public eye when Eric Clapton recorded it for his 1978 hit album Backless. It also appears on Clapton’s 1980 live album Just One Night.

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