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I Wish

Music/Lyrics: Stevie Wonder

Vocals: Jeff Holdsworth

Original Artist: Stevie Wonder

Original Album: Songs in the Key of Life (1976)

Debut: 1985-04-06

Historian: Mockingbird Staff

During their earliest days Phish performed this Stevie Wonder classic on two known occassions: 4/6/85 at Finbar's, and then at one of Page’s first shows with the band, 10/30/85 at Hunt's. As with certain other early covers (“Light Up Or Leave Me Alone” comes to mind), fans hoped “I Wish” would return with the emergence of cow funk in ‘97, but alas, no sign of the song in setlists yet, despite teases of the song on 4/17/93 (“YEM”), 8/16/93 (“Weekapaug”), 7/13/94 (“Tweezer”), and 7/25/99 (“Suzy”).

Stevie Wonder, "I Wish"

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