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I Wan'na Be Like You

Music/Lyrics: Richard and Robert Sherman, Terry Gilkyson

Vocals: Fish

Original Artist: Louis Prima

Original Album: Jungle Book soundtrack (1967)

Debut: 1994-04-04

Historian: Ellis Godard

Last Update: 2013-11-10

This Disney classic has been covered by everyone from Big Bad Voodoo Daddy to the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra to Los Lobos. In the lyrics, King Louie longs to be human, bemoaning the difficulties of animalhood, attracted by the complexity of human social life, and desiring the secret of fire.

Though every bit as animal, social, and fiery as the rest of the band, Fishman is not a typical front man, or singer. But Phish has built audiences who tolerate fun, and what better tune with which to let Fishman face his frailties, front and center. The debut featured horns, emboldening a temporary Disney-fication of Phish’s sound. Fishman kept up the gag, with eight more performances in the months following, but has not King Louied it since.


"I Wanna Be Like You" – The Jungle Book

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