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I Told You So

Music/Lyrics: Davis/Griffin

Vocals: Tammy Fletcher

Original Artist: Jimmie Davis

Original Album: Single

Debut: 1997-03-18

Historian: Ellis Godard

Just before Tammy Fletcher sang this at Phish’s Flynn benefit show, she joked to a companion in the audience, “Now, see, Greg, I’m a safe date.” Safe or not, it’d be weird to take someone out and have them jump on stage to sing this number, with its campy three-chord fare, gospel honky-tonk, and bluesy “you left me” lyrics. Part of the way in, Tammy says, “Play me something, baby” and Page takes off, sounding akin to what he does with his father on stage, though Trey also joins in, with a B.B. King-like solo, followed by a nice return by Page and Fishman. Throughout, Mike is the constant; nothing terribly interesting, but a nice bed to lay the blues on. The tune ended with a cheesy, elongated ending including laughter from Tammy, who then returned to her date.

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