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I Been Around

Music/Lyrics: McConnell

Vocals: Page

Albums: Joy

Debut: 2009-08-16

Historian: Elayne Best (jugglerswithfire)

"Hey Page, where you been?..." This ditty highlights our beloved Page in his very comfortable role as the piano bar lounge singer. The lyrics remind us that Page has been around awhile in case you didn't know from "Grind", he's thrown it down a while, perhaps a reflection on past actions, and the town has thrown down on him, but through it all he's still playing and singing to our delight.  

The debut of this song was on the last night of Summer Tour 2009. The driver to perform the song seemed to be a realization that it was the only track from the new album, Joy, which had not been showcased live.

The song yet somehow feels unfinished, perhaps due to its brevity in nature. Will it blossom and develop into the next "Lawn Boy"? Only time can tell.

Phish, "I Been Around" – 11/27/09, Albany, NY

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