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Hold to a Dream

Music/Lyrics: Tim O’Brien

Vocals: Tim O’Brien (lead), Mike (backing)

Original Artist: Tim O’Brien

Original Album: Odd Man In (1991)

Debut: 1996-08-07

Historian: Kazimierz O. Wrzeszczynski

“Hold to a Dream” made its one and only Phish concert appearance at Red Rocks on 8/7/96. Until its recording by Tim O’Brien in 1991, the song was probably best known as part of New Grass Revival’s live repertoire. This one-time version, which is often mislabeled on tapes as “Ode to a Dream,” featured its original composer Tim O’Brien joining Phish on mandolin and lead vocals. At Red Rocks, the very melodic and sweet bluegrass song was given a nice, fast Phish beat and groove predominately by Mike’s bass (and backing vocals) as well as Page’s piano accompaniment and Trey’s quick country solo. You can also hear Mike’s well-performed lead vocal effort of this song on tapes from his acoustic appearances with Gordon Stone and Doug Perkins in October of 1996.

New Grass Revival "Hold to a Dream"

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