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Hey You

Vocals: Jim Carrey

Original Artist: Bachman Turner Overdrive

Original Album: Four Wheel Drive (1975)

Historian: Ellis Godard

When the setlist for 6/24/99 hit the Internet, there was immediate mockery. A private gig at Trey’s barn billed as “The Fifth Ball?” And, the kicker, comedic actor and box-office king Jim Carrey on lead vocals for “Hey You” – and, taboot, not the Pink Floyd song most thought of, but a now obscure pop tune by Bachman Turner Overdrive? A joke, perhaps, but not a lie. Carrey was in the area filming Me, Myself & Irene, a psychological comedy in which his character is beset with “advanced delusional schizophrenia with occasional aggressive outbursts.” Staying in character, the zany wise guy belted out lyrics fitting the venue, but not the band: dedication (“I won’t let down til every song is set... no time left... don’t let me down”) despite a lost muse (“The music’s gone now / you lost it somehow”).

Luckily, the band has maintained its muse, but not this tune. 

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