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He Ent to the Bog

Also Known As: Hamburger

Music: Gordon/McBride

Albums: The White Tape

Historian: Mark Toscano

Perhaps "Home On the Range” is not a hamburger’s favorite song. Some hamburgers might be inclined to name this Mike Gordon track from Phish’s White Tape as their favorite, for it pays curious homage to the hamburger cause. Rife with hamburger witticisms and originally called “Hamburger” by fans prior to the official release of this recording, this sonic construction is reminiscent of The Beatles’ “Revolution 9.” Not coincidentally, portions of this recording were used for Phish’s live performance of that Lennon/Ono puzzler during The Phab Four’s White Album set in Glens Falls, NY on 10/31/94. Talk about synchronicitous duplicity, sheesh.

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