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Have Mercy

Music/Lyrics: Shaw/Simpson/Ferguson

Vocals: Mike, Page, Trey

Original Artist: The Mighty Diamonds

Original Album: When the Right Time Comes I Need a Roof (1976)

Albums: At the Roxy, Live Phish 07, Live In Utica

Debut: 1986-04-01

Historian: Ellis Godard (Lemuria)

Last Update: 2015-06-18

“Have Mercy” bows to the writing of reggae trio The Mighty Diamonds. Phish’s cover is a rare ritual, performed only thirteen times. Four appearances in 1986 filled the space between omnipotent tunes like “David Bowie” and “Harry Hood.” After a seven-year absence, the prodigal song returned for appearances during several godly jams: the 2/20/93 “Weekapaug Groove,” the 5/8/93 “David Bowie,” the prelude to the 8/14/93 “Antelope,” and the 11/12/94 “Down with Disease.” All was well, and the song rested.

The Mighty Diamonds, “Have Mercy”

After five years and 335 shows in peace, “Have Mercy” emerged out of the depths of “Tweezer” on 7/17/99 at Oswego, and then part of a moment of band confusion and miscommunication on 12/10/99 in Philadelphia. Then after a ten+ year and 189 show absence, "Have Mercy" made an unexpected return on 7/1/10 in Raleigh, emerging out of "Fluffhead" and setting up the equally rare "Light Up Or Leave Me Alone." Another appearance later that year on 10/20/10 solidified from an epic “Split Open and Melt,” documented on the Live in Utica DVD. A final performance to date graced the fans at Blossom Music Center on 6/4/11 as the meat in a “Hood” sandwich.

Although The Mighty Diamonds sported boyish harmonies, their attitude was otherwise young and brazen, a mix of choir boy and Kingston punk. They were rough reggae, not roots Rastafari, and their sound and appearance began a “rockers” era in reggae. And maybe that’s not such a bad direction to go. “Guide us, Jah man,” as the song say, “oh yeah.”

Phish, “Have Mercy” – 7/1/10, Raleigh, NC

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