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Glide II

Also Known As: Flip

Music/Lyrics: Phish

Debut: 1995-05-16

Historian: Dan Purcell

Only played once, this fragile ephemera is now largely forgotten. Its debut was lost among the avalanche of promising new songs premiered at the Voters for Choice benefit concert in Lowell, Massachusetts on 5/16/95. But while some of the other songs debuted that night – most notably “Free” and “Theme from the Bottom” – were immortalized on Billy Breathes and are regularly included in Phish sets to this day, Phish has never played “Glide II” again.

Formally, the song consists of a gentle, wispy guitar figure, over top of which Trey and Page sing: “Gllllliiiiiide/Flip flip flip flip flip.” A variation on the guitar theme heralds the song’s ostensible chorus: “It’s time.” And even if you’ve never heard the song, chances are you’ve heard its bridge: after the second chorus, Phish drops in a few bars lifted directly from the middle of “Guyute.” At the time, some fans suggested the band had decided to pull the plug on the ugly pig – particularly since "Guyute" made no appearances between 12/29/94 and Halloween 1995.

Perhaps feeling the song would get lost in large venues, or maybe because it decided to recommit to the difficult but rewarding "Guyute" after all, Phish shelved “Glide II” after Lowell. But even today, a small cadre of devoted fans mourns its relegation and demands its return as soon as possible, preferably as the palate-cleansing sorbet between courses of a smoking “Mike’s Groove.”

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