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Girls Girls Girls

Music/Lyrics: Jay-Z, Biz Markie, Slick Rick, and Q-Tip

Vocals: Trey, Jen Hartswick

Original Artist: Jay-Z

Original Album: The Blueprint (2001)

Debut: 2004-04-15

Historian: Sille d'Airumel

Anyone sensitive to matters of ethnic and/or gender correctness may shudder at the lyrics to this rap ditty, reminiscent of the tawdry ad libbing with Kid Rock on one of Phish’s earlier trips to Vegas. But the party spirit was in keeping with the city – and, arguably, with the band’s sloppiness that night.

While fun, Phish’s rendition was apparently not a highlight of the show – well placed, again arguably, in the middle of a song about mule poop. But the original itself is no masterpiece, with a background track reminiscent of “Islands in the Stream” and a lead rap that is innovative in neither rhythm nor content.

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Mikesgroover Reply
Mikesgroover "While fun, Phish’s rendition was apparently not a highlight of the show."

That is putting it nicely.

The performance of this song ranks among the most embarrassing onstage moments of this band's career. It wasn't amusing or kitchsy, just sad and pathetic.
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I seriously beg to differ over this song not being a Jay-Z masterpiece. You should re-inspect the lyrics.
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