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Lyrics: Jim Pollock

Vocals: Jim Pollock

Debut: 1987-03-06

Historian: song history staff

Last Update: 2014-01-17

Long a mystery, this unidentified song circulated on setlists for years as “Freeworld,” even though the vocalist announces the title (perhaps sarcastically) as “If This is a Free World, Then Tomorrow Must be Just as Worse.” Performed only once at a sparsely attended Goddard cafeteria gig on 3/6/87 (audio), the vocalist also claims to have just made up the song. For upwards of fifteen years, this song history solicited any additional information regarding the origins of the song. Finally, in December 2013 long time friend of the band Jim Pollock answered the call and revealed that he not only wrote the song but also handled vocal duties at the lone performance (h/t to user @Fluffhead for bringing this to our attention). The more you know.

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Fluffhead Reply
Fluffhead Just submitted a correction for this song. I I interviewed Jim Pollock (in the form of a Reddit AMA - Ask Me Anything) on 12/29/2013, and he told me that he wrote and sang Freeworld. See his answer from the Reddit AMA I conducted:

Jim: I've sang in some classic performances from the band in the early days. A few Dear Mrs. Reagan, lyrics written by a friend of mine, I wrote the music. Freeworld, which I wrote and we played at Goddard. Only done once. You can hear it on Phish OD
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Fluffhead Reply
Fluffhead Adding to my previous comment, after listening to Freeworld again, it is obvious by listening to his voice that it is Jim Pollock singing.
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