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Fixin' to Die

Music/Lyrics: Bukka White

Vocals: “Reverend” Jeff Mosier; Trey

Original Artist: Bukka White

Original Album: Single (1940s)

Debut: 1994-11-17

Historian: Jeremy Welsh

Last Update: 2013-03-01

Phish has played this dark Delta blues song twice. The debut occurred on 11/17/94, as the final song of a five-song encore. “Reverend” Jeff Mosier accompanied Phish on the banjo, as he would for a number of shows that fall. “Fixin’ to Die’s” second appearance is a must hear; two weeks later, on 11/30/94, a dark and vengeful “Fixin’ to Die” appeared out of jam in the middle of a unique second set. This set had begun interestingly enough, with a raging “Antelope” flowing out of a “Halley’s Comet” opener. As the “Antelope” began to take off, it curiously segued into “My Sweet One”; the rockin’ energy continued out of “My Sweet One” into a jam that featured the unique upright bass that Mike was playing that fall. As the jam progressed, it moved smoothly into “Fixin’ to Die.” This version is long and drawn out, with energy and some very good vocals by Trey. 

Outside of Phish, members have played "Fixin'" with the Aquarium Rescue Unit  on a number of occasions (3/9/94 with Mike, 3/13/94 with Fishman on washboard, and 4/22/94 with Page and Trey) as well as with The Codetalkers. Finally on 10/16/01, Trey joined Widespread Panic in Seattle for "Fixin' to Die > Wish You Were Here."

“Fixin’” may be more familiar to fans as the fifth track on Bob Dylan’s self-titled 1962 debut LP.

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