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Music/Lyrics: Robert Schneider

Vocals: Trey

Original Artist: The Apples in Stereo

Original Album: New Magnetic Wonder (2007)

Debut: 2013-07-05

Historian: lumpblockclod

Last Update: 2013-07-25

“Energy,” the fourth track off of The Apples in Stereo’s 2007 release New Magnetic Wonder, burst onto the Phish scene as the second set opener on 7/5/13 at SPAC. Initially thought to be a new original song, it was quickly revealed to be a cover. This fact disappointed some fans who had long been awaiting new original material, while simultaneously relieving others that the Mr. Wizard-meets-Greg-Brady lyrics were not written by Phish. Of course, many of Phish’s own lyrics have had their fair share of detractors over the years, too. Say what you will about the lyrics, chances are after hearing the song you’ll be singing “Eeeelec-tri-city” to yourself hours after hearing it.

At first blush, “Energy” seems to be an unlikely Phish cover; but dig a little deeper and it’s not entirely shocking. For one thing, The Apples in Stereo wear their power-pop Beatles and Beach Boys influences on their sleeve (the “It’s gonna be alright” line in “Energy” is pretty much lifted straight from The Beatles’ “Revolution 1”). The “Apples” in the band’s name was inspired by “Apples and Oranges” by Pink Floyd, another clear Phish influence. Additionally, Phish had already covered “In the Aeroplane Over the Sea” by Neutral Milk Hotel, another band that along with The Apples in Stereo was part of the Elephant 6 Collective. Fans looking to draw even more attenuated connections may be interested to learn that New Magnetic Wonder was recorded by The Apples in Stereo after they had taken an extended hiatus; in this respect, it is their Round Room, or Joy.

The Apples in Stereo, "Energy"

“Energy” caused many fans to recall the debut of TV on the Radio’s “Golden Age” on 11/27/09. While the tunes occupy different worlds musically, the comparison does seem apt in at least one respect: “Energy” seems primed for extended second set treatments, and early indications are that it will not have to wait as long as “Golden Age” to get it. Frequently soundchecked in the shows following it’s debut, Phish’s second attempt at “Energy” on 7/17/03 in Alpharetta descended almost immediately into deep space. Aided by Fish’s Marimba Lumina stylings and clocking in at just under ten minutes, the song is the jamming centerpiece of the set. 

Three shows later at Chicago's Northerly Island, “Energy” was stretched even further temporally, though this version did not venture quite as far into the stratosphere before giving way to “Ghost.” An unfortunate irony for those watching the webcast was the “energy” necessary to power internet transmission was knocked out by the halftime storm, so this “Energy” through mid-way in “The Lizards” was not seen live. “Energy” demonstrates just how far out Phish can take a jam even in a short period of time, and serves as a fitting song to have debuted on Summer Tour 2013 – “Apocalypse Now” – when forces of energy played such a prominent role.

”Energy” 7/5/13 Saratoga Springs, NY

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fydo1974 Reply
fydo1974 BGCA Night 3 "Energy" was awesome
Score: 4
mccordo Reply
It was fun in Alpharetta, but there were alot of people around me that had no idea what it was. I only knew the song from SPAC but blanked on who played it originally until I looked it up after the show.
Score: 1
BernardShakey Reply
BernardShakey Fun cover. Doesn't make any sense on paper, but in practice it's a whimsical little boogie.
Score: 1
Ravinus Reply
I wasn't singing it after I heard it. I was relieved to know that it was a cover and that Trey hadn't written it, which was my original concern.
Score: 1
CreatureoftheNight Reply
CreatureoftheNight With two well jammed versions at BGCA and Chicago, this song deserves a place on the jamming chart.
Score: 0
misticgoat Reply
I appreciated how the 'Energy' lyrics of "we're going to see the sunlight" paired well with "the stars really suck tonight" of 'Sanity' encore at BGCA Night 3 2013.
Score: 0
Destiny_Bound Reply
Destiny_Bound Heard it on a dog food commercial this morning
Score: 0
n00b100 Reply
n00b100 I still don't know why this one was shelved after the Summer tour, and especially after it looked like they'd had the jam vehicle breakthrough with the song in San Francisco. It would have been perfect to take for a pitch-black ride in some of those indoor venues. Ah, well, hope to hear it in 2014, jam or no jam.
Score: 0
sidestreetstairway Reply
LOVE IT. Our themesong for Summer 13 Tour. How can you dislike a poppy tune that immediately goes into Type II? Far more reliable than Golden Age (ok, so I like that one too).
Score: 0
mgouker Reply
mgouker I loved it at Alpharetta! Bring on the Energy!!! :-)
Score: 0
CaseyJ76 Reply
CaseyJ76 I hope this stays of the shelves for awhile... Chicago was a throw down and then some ... Ck5's lights will come to amaze us after each version seen... Just like 2001 in years past ... Keep up the energy boys
Score: 0
MzRprz Reply
MzRprz Potty Break Song.
Score: -1
whatstheuse324 Reply
whatstheuse324 To be honest, I don't like the direction of a song like this. I saw the first one at SPAC and thought it sounded like a new TAB song. I thought it was really cheesy and was glad when it was over. Might as well talk about a deep space jam from Spread It Round. Same animal.
Score: -2
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