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Dust in the Wind

Music/Lyrics: Livgren

Vocals: Trey

Original Artist: Kansas

Original Album: Point of Know Return (1977)

Debut: 2003-07-18

Historian: Ellis Godard

Last Update: 2012-01-08

The 7/17/03 "Makisupa" included a tease of this classic gold single by quad-platinum '70s prog-rockers Kansas. The tease prompted Trey to challenge the audience to name the song that was teased, and call Mike’s hotline to win “some kind of crazy prize, like a date with Fishman or something.” The next night, Trey announced “Dan” as the winner of the contest, as Dan was the first to call Mike’s hotline to name “Dust in the Wind” as the song that was teased. Trey announced that the prize was a private vacuum solo from Fishman to Dan and, in homage to the movie Old School (which also featured “Dust in the Wind”), Trey encouraged rest of the crowd to “earmuff” it (also a reference to Old School) while Dan received his prize. To bring the rest of the crowd in on the joke, Phish subsequently debuted an abbreviated version of the song, which began as a solo vacuum piece until Trey jumped in on vocals to assist the struggling Fishman.

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