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Vocals: Reverend Jeff Mosier, Phish

Original Artist: The Dillards

Original Album: Back Porch Bluegrass (1963)

Debut: 1994-11-20

Historian: Christian McKee

Many have speculated that “Reba” is about bootlegging moonshine. No such speculation is necessary about this installation in Phish’s love affair with bluegrass. The song’s namesake is a wily mountain distiller, constantly exhorted by the narrator for “another swaller” of his fine product. This bluegrass standard was added to Phish’s repertoire when the Reverend Jeff Mosier joined Phish on tour in November of 1994. Sadly, “Dooley” made only one official appearance: 11/20/94 in Madison, Wisconsin. But a lucky few fans were able to hear Phish play this the night before along with Rev. Jeff Mosier, Eric Merrill and “Jeremy” outside their tour bus in Bloomington, Indiana. Until Phish decides to resurrect their acoustic bluegrass selections, don’t hold your breath to hear “Dooley” again.

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