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Doin' My Time

Music/Lyrics: Jimmie Skinner

Vocals: Tim O'Brien (lead)

Original Artist: Jimmie Skinner

Original Album: Single (1941)

Debut: 1996-08-07

Historian: Mark Toscano

Seek out both versions of this song for some fun special guest action. Tim O’Brien joined Phish for the last three songs of the 8/7/96 first set, closing the three-song medley with a strong version of this old Jimmie Skinner tune. The real keeper is 7/1/99, though, which features O’Brien (fiddle), Jerry Douglas (dobro), and Ronnie McCoury (mandolin), an all-star version that kicks, albeit respectfully, the ass of the Red Rocks version.

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Recommended Versions: 1999-07-01

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