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Dixie Chicken

Music/Lyrics: George, Kibbee

Vocals: Trey (lead); Page, Mike (backing)

Original Artist: Little Feat

Original Album: Dixie Chicken (1973)

Debut: 2010-10-31

Historian: Mockingbird Staff

The title track from Little Feat’s seminal 1973 album, was a crowd favorite when it was released, when Little Feat toured with it (as they did for the shows that produced the double-live Waiting for Columbus), and when Phish played it (covering that live release on 10/31/10).

Little Feat, ”Dixie Chicken” – 1977, London, England

The narrator had been hoodwinked into being the gentleman provider (the “Dixie chicken”) for a Southern belle. Initially a “Tennessee lamb,” she spent his money then ran away with a guitar player. When he goes to share his tale with a bartender – at the Commodore hotel, where he met her – he finds a room of past chickens who know the tune well enough to sing along.

Phish’s version, too, brought in a crowd, featuring Giovanni Hidalgo on percussion and Aaron Johnson, Stuart Bogie, Ian Hendrickson-Smith, Michael Leonhart and Eric Biondo on horns.

Phish, ”Dixie Chicken” – 10/31/10, Atlantic City, NJ

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