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Devotion To a Dream

Music/Lyrics: Anastasio/Marshall

Vocals: Trey (lead), Page and Mike (backing)

Albums: Fuego

Debut: 2013-10-31

Historian: Jeremy D. Goodwin (J_D_G)

Last Update: 2014-06-19

This bright, moderately uptempo rocker debuted in the midst of the surprise set of new tunes rolled out on 10/31/13 as a Halloween treat. Among those twelve new songs, it is one of only four credited to Phish's signature songwriting duo of Trey and Tom Marshall. This song arrived into the Phish world fully formed; aside from a slight rejiggering of its conclusion, the version unveiled eight months later on the album Fuego is more or less unchanged. 

Though there's only a wisp of melody in its verses, the song is propelled by a repetitive vocal hook in the chorus, delivered by an attractive blend of voices. The song's first chorus features a call-and-response effect between Trey's lead vocals and a lyrical counterpoint from Page and Mike. Later choruses leave this effect out, instead offering a pleasing blend of all three voices in unison. A dance-friendly guitar break features clean lines from Trey and an overall effect not unlike that of "Back on the Train." 

Lyrically, the song seems to be the narrator's psych-up anthem preceding a long-overdue breakup.  The singer pledges that today will be the day when a stifling, sour state of affairs is finally put to rest. The couple's commitment to the relationship was merely "devotion to a dream" or fairy tale, he has decided. Today, finally, closed doors will be replaced by open windows; curtains will part, minds are open, and glaciers will make way for a triumphant march across the border toward a presumably happier future.

The song seems destined to be a crisp, first-set pacesetter, though one could even see it as the occasional show opener, albeit a mild-mannered one.

”Devotion to a Dream” 10/31/13 Atlantic City, NJ

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theHC Reply
Just getting through the throws of a divorce, I'm hearing this one L&C. We've pledged to remain solid friends and co-parents as we have two young sons, and I completely agree with Ruben's comment below... sometimes you just keep going because it seems like the right thing to do... but in the end, you have to find your happiness. Incidentally, the Ex recently gave me a birthday card with a quote from Walt Whitman that reads, "Happiness...not in another place, but this place, not for another hour, but this hour."
Score: 5
RUBENREMUS I feel this one is optimistic rather than pessimistic. I see it as hope for the future and a brand new start.
Score: 5
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