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Also Known As: Done Me Wrong

Music/Lyrics: Pollak

Vocals: The Dude of Life (lead), Phish (backing)

Original Artist: The Dude of Life (with Phish)

Original Album: Crimes of the Mind (1994)

Debut: 1990-09-13

Historian: Dan Mielcarz (ColForbin)

Played only once, on 9/13/90 (NYC’s Wetlands) during a Dude of Life guest appearance, “Dahlia” deals with a  relationship that ended badly for both parties. Written by The Dude with music arranged by Phish, “Dahlia” is the opening track on the Dude’s first album Crimes of the Mind, which was recorded in August of 1991. Because the album wasn’t released until 1994, “Dahlia” was incorrectly known as “Done Me Wrong” for the intervening years. Checking out this Wetlands show is recommended, due to the many other songs debuted that night.

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